Science is a subject in school that we take on a daily basis. In science we learn many different things, basically about human life, and nature as well. This year there were many different topics that we learned about. After each unit, we are required to write up a one world essay, and take a test as well. My grades for science are quite good. For both terms I received 7/7. I put in a lot of effort to my essays and make them well structured, and most of the time I receive high marks. Below is an example of my hard work. We had a unit where we learned about different diseases that go on in the world. I chose to write about stomach ulcers. My essay is very well written and it is something I am very proud of.

Science Reflection

What? - Describe what the work is about. For example, this presentation is about a country and the requirement was .......Make sure you talk about what was expected for this work and what time it took you to complete it. Was it a group project? What input did others ahve to this work?
In the first term, we had to write an essay about a specific disease, which was one of our own choice. My essay was about stomach ulcers. I chose this topic because I thought stomach ulcers were something I had never learned about, and they could have been very interesting. I learned a lot of new things about the disease, and how to cure it and solve the problems as well. There were many expectations for this essay. Firstly, we had to use scientific language. This included using scientific terms, and other terminology, which was related to the essay topic. We were also expected to first of all, come up with a plan and think about what we were going to write for the essay. This took about one lesson, which was the time that we were given to plan it out. We were given several classes to plan out this essay. This essay was actually one that we were supposed to write up in class, since we were given about a week to plan everything out.

So what? - Now talk about why this piece of work is significant. Is it something you are proud of? Is it something you received a high grade for? Is it something developmental that helped you reach a new level in the subject? In other words why have you chosen THIS artifact for your portfolio?

This piece is quite significant because I explained clearly and thoroughly everything that was required to for the stomach ulcers. I am very proud of this essay because I achieved full marks. This was one of my best essays, and another reason why I am proud of it is because it was a timed essay. I was really happy that I was able to write up a whole essay talking fully about the topic, and covering all objectives that were needed to. I have chosen this particular artifact for my portfolio because it is one of my best projects of science, and I think it is the one that should be put up on my science page on my digital portfolio.

Now what? - Now talk about how doing this work has improved you as a learner in the MYP program. Has it helped you organise your time and work efficiently? Has it demonstrated that you are capable of doing mathematics and so now you have a lot more confidecne than before? What are you now going to do with the new knowledge and skills you have gained from doing this work? How is this moving you along the path of life?

This piece of work has improved me as a learner in the MYP program because of the fact that it was something new that I did. This year, this science essay was the first timed one that we had. In the beginning, I thought it wouldve been impossible to write up a whole essay in just 1 hour, however I proved that I am capable of the task. It improved my skills of thinking and writing up information. This is why it has organize my work and time efficiently, which helped me succeed. Since I recieved full marks, I am very confident that I am capable of doing more, than I could do before. This essay also taught me many new things, which I can use later on in life. For example, it gave me more knowledge on stomach ulcers, what they are and how they can be cured, and how they are affecting people in so many ways today.