Community and Service is something in the IB program of our school that is required every year by all students. It is important that we complete the project and get points, otherwise it is difficult to enter the actual IB program. It is required for us to have at least two projects. Last year I was not here, so I do not know what the procedure was. From what I have heard, the community and service project was different from last year. This year, the minimum was to earn 20 points.

This year, I only worked on two projects. It is not much, however for my community and service journal, I made sure that I put in extra effort and made it look nice since I already had the minimum amount of projects. The two projects I worked on were high school musical, and quackfest. The high school musical project was during the first term. It lasted for about a month with many meetings and different rehearsals. For my second project, the quackfest I decided to work at the prize booth. These two projects turned out great, and I put in a lot of effort into it.

High school musical was a very fun project. For the high school musical, I decided to work as the backstage and as ushering as well. Both of these jobs were fun in their own way. Backstage was fun because it was a very different experience. It was great because I have never been part of a play before so I got the opportunity to do so. In the backstage, I helped out with the clothes and costumes and everything. I helped organize it and it was quite fun since I was with my friends. While we were backstage and the play was going on, we could relax and talk because our job wasn't that hard! Ushering was the second job I did. This was the job that was in the beginning of the play. I had to hand out brochures and collect tickets from everyone. I also had to help the audience get seated and everything. Overall, the High school musical job was very fun, and at the end the play was a huge success!

The second project I had was the prize booth at the quack fest. This was a very fun job because I helped out giving out prizes for all the winners. I just had to sign up for a time where I had to stand at the booth, so I chose the one with my friends. It was a lot of fun because all the children were so excited about all the prizes that were available. I found it to be a great job!