Out of school there are many things I like to do. Even though there aren't many activities in Qatar I still try to set my mind on to different things so that I can keep myself busy. I am a type of person that likes to stay occupied with different things rather than sitting around at home bored. I usually meet up with friends over the weekends and hang out, and have fun! School is quite fun at Qatar, because it is a total different experience, and is very different than the schools from America. Since I lived in America, I had a total different impression of schools because they are very different. They are way smaller, have no uniform, public, and most importantly have no pressure when it comes to the school work. Over here, there is a lot of work that is given which most of the time keeps me busy with all the projects and stuff. When it comes to the summer, I have many plans! I can not wait till I get to America, because I will meet up with all my old friends, and most importantly my whole family lives there, and i will get a chance to see all my cousins. This summer will be amazing, and it is something I am looking forward to!